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What is Qwickly?

Qwickly is a user-centric productivity platform for Blackboard Learn™. Qwickly allows users to upload DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box documents to Learn™ through modules or course tools. Qwickly allows faculty to make courses available, send emails, post announcements, and post content to multiple courses at once. Qwickly connects students together, facilitating group interaction.

Various licensing options are available including a free version and options for clients with Learn™ and Community systems.
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How Fast is Qwickly?

Qwickly was designed to dramatically simplify the workflow of common tasks. One great example is the Make Course Available Tool. Consider the current workflow to make a course available in Blackboard Learn™: go into each course, select the Properties area in the Control Panel, change the value of Make Course Available to Yes, and then submit the form. We've taken this repetitive task (which needs to be done for every course) and created a tool that lets the user complete the task in just a single click.

See a demonstration of making a course available using Qwickly. When Qwickly is deployed on the Blackboard Learn™ home tab, all courses for the given semester can be made available in seconds, as soon as the instructor is ready!

User Centric Design

Qwickly is designed around the user, giving instructors access to tools they use frequently and repeatedly. Instead of having to drill down several layers into each course to complete a common task, instructors can get started on the same task from the home screen in just a click.


Qwickly teaches you how to use its tools as you use it, just as you would expect. Instructors can learn to use Qwickly in seconds, no training required.


Tools in Qwickly work similarly to each other and are only presented when applicable. For instance, when an instructor's courses are all available, the Make Course Available tool disappears.


Too many options make software overly complex and even challenging for many users. Qwickly focuses the user on the items they really need consistently.


By Institution

Qwickly has been built to be customized to fit the needs of each institution. Choose which tools your instructors are allowed to use across your entire institution. Not only can you turn off certain tools, you can even rename the tool.

By User

Let your users choose which tools they want to use in the Qwickly Module. Users can only choose to use tools allowed by the institution.

Usage Statistics

Find out how effectively Qwickly is being used with usage statistics. You can see how many unique users have used Qwickly, how many total e-mails have been sent using Qwickly, how many announcements have been posted using Qwickly, and how many courses have been made available using Qwickly. Feel free to reset all statistics at once, or an individual metric to track usage from semester to semester.

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