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Qwickly | Qwickly Inc. introduces Qwickly+Cloud

November 10, 2015

Qwickly Inc. introduces Office 365 integration into the Blackboard Learn™ Platform

Leveraging the Office 365 cloud solution across your entire learning enterprise.
CLEVELAND, Ohio. - November 10, 2015 - As cloud solutions continue to answer the needs of higher education institutional storage and learning issues across the globe, Qwickly is announcing a solution that connects the world’s largest learning management system, Blackboard Learn, and Microsoft’s Office 365, one of the most deployed productivity solutions in education today.

The new platform builds upon Qwickly’s other cloud storage integration points and also creates a synergy that few learning organizations can live without. By building a solution that captures the needs of both end users and the enterprise, Qwickly allows end-users the simplicity of connecting Office 365 documents within Blackboard Learn and allows enterprise administrators the power to control the connections to strategy-driven storage solutions. The ability to leverage both their enterprise learning and cloud solutions together is a huge win for schools across the world.

“Cloud computing and storage continues to build momentum in education and Qwickly is uniquely positioned to provide a substantial business value for organizations that use the world’s most deployed learning management system, Blackboard Learn, combined with the most powerful productivity solution,” said Dr. John DiGennaro, co-founder of Qwickly. Qwickly has over 350 institutions using its platform to delivery both productivity and cloud connections. With millions of users worldwide, Qwickly has proven its capability to build platforms that help institutions of learning leverage their enterprise systems. Qwickly is transitioning to providing cloud integration solutions across a diverse set of industries including education, healthcare, and consulting.

The Office 365 integration, which was just launched this past month, creates an easy to use platform that not only connects cloud solutions through linking and upload of documents, but also builds upon Qwickly’s unique user interface that increases adoption and satisfaction across the platforms it integrates.

“We see so many schools who have both Blackboard Learn and Office 365 looking for a way to build upon that partnership. We wanted to be their key partner who differentiates how people teach and use learning management systems. Our Office 365 integration builds upon our other very tight integrations of the campus’ Blackboard Learn installation and their cloud provider of choice” explains Matt Hadgis, co-founder and CTO of Qwickly, Inc.

The Office 365 Solution allows institutions to:
  • Creates an integration between their enterprise learning management system and Office 365 within minutes
  • Builds upon the native linking capabilities to create a “trainingless” platform
  • Grows adoption of the institutional learning management system
  • Enhances and supports the institution’s strategic priorities connecting their cloud storage solutions to teaching and learning

Qwickly is part of the Blackboard Developers Network™, an innovative community of educational and technical experts with a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning. “Our partner and developer programs drive tremendous value for clients by enabling access to hundreds of pre-built extensions that help them get more value out of their learning platforms,” said Mark Strassman, senior vice president of industry and product management at Blackboard . “This unique, vibrant community of development makes it easy for institutions to customize their systems and gives them great flexibility in how they improve and shape the education experience.”

About Qwickly

Qwickly, Inc. is a user-centered productivity platform for learning management systems, connecting them to cloud storage providers, and creating a product that connects students and teachers to the system’s most utilized tools.

Founded in 2013 by Dr. John DiGennaro and Matt Hadgis, Qwickly has over 350 clients around the world. Qwickly has reduced help desk tickets at client institutions and increased cloud drive adoption. Qwickly is can be customized to fit the needs of each educational institution, and is designed to dramatically simplify the workflow of common tasks within learning management systems.

Qwickly is a 2014 Flashstarts accelerator company and is currently seeking additional funding to re-think the enterprise cloud storage and learning space. Qwickly has offices in downtown Cleveland. Flashstarts is the agile startup accelerator focusing on unique, innovative uses of software and technology. Visit http://www.flashstarts.com for more information. For more information on Qwickly, visit http://www.goqwickly.com. Qwickly is a licensed developer for the Google, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft, and is an official Blackboard Building Blocks Partner™ and part of the Blackboard Developers Network™ .

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