Introducing Course Management for Instructional Designers

Introducing Course Management for Instructional Designers

June 14, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of Course Management.  This new engine within Course Tools is designed for instructional designers primarily, but can also be leveraged by faculty and Blackboard Learn system administrators. We decided to make this tool based on feedback given to us from multiple learning institutions that already were licensing Qwickly Course Tools for instructors. 

With this feedback, we noticed there was a need for Instructional Designers to have a way to streamline their tasks as well when it comes to creating courses at the start of the semester. 

  • Course Management Tools currently available to Instructional Designers:
  • Course Pinning to easily locate the courses you are trying to create content for.
  • Open a card that shows details of the course including number of students enrolled.
  • Filter a long list of courses to access effortlessly.
  • Search the entire LMS course to launch or explore courses.

Launch your courses right from the interface within Qwickly Course Tools. There is no need to move back and forth between Course Tools and the LMS.

Explore your courses and get into the materials, enrollments, and more.

We will continuously be adding more tools to Course Manager and we need your help to do it! Please reach out with any features you would like to see before the next Qwickly Symposium directly to your Qwickly sales rep or at

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