Create Custom Data Feeds with Qwickly Attendance Pro

Create Custom Data Feeds with Qwickly Attendance Pro

December 3, 2020

Institutions that use Qwickly Attendance Pro often need to use attendance data in other systems or display data in different formats. For such scenarios, Qwickly Attendance Pro now allows users to create their own custom Data Feeds

Data Feeds allow users to customize data fields to easily link attendance data from Qwickly Attendance to other systems with rigid data requirements, such as SIS’s, data warehouses, and student success engines. Users can build a report from scratch by selecting from a list of attendance related fields. Once a data feed has been created, other systems can then access a csv file of the data with the selected data points. 

What kinds of data points are available for Data Feeds?

Users can pick from the data points such as, Course Code, Course Name, Student Name, Student Section, Student IP Address (for Check-Ins), Session Title, Record Creation Time, and more. 

Qwickly clients who already license Qwickly Attendance Pro can access the Data Feed feature through the Qwickly Attendance Pro dashboard ( Qwickly Attendance Classic clients who are interested in utilizing the new Contact Tracing Report feature should contact their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a free pilot of Qwickly Attendance Pro.

For more information on available data points and how to create a Data Feed, visit