Detect and Correct Broken Content Links in Qwickly Course Tools

Detect and Correct Broken Content Links in Qwickly Course Tools

March 4, 2021

Blackboard and Canvas users who license Qwickly Course Tools now have access to a new utility which allows instructors to check for broken web links across multiple courses and replace them with corrected links. 

The Link Verification utility kicks off a new era of Qwickly Course Tools, as the first new feature available exclusively for Qwickly Course Tools LTI (not available for the Building Block version of Qwickly Course Tools). Additionally, this new feature is the first to go beyond the built-in core-functionality of the LMS. 

The Link Verification feature allows instructors to check for broken links across multiple courses. The utility will look through course content items and pull any content designated as a URL link. After compiling a list of all of the URL links, the Link Verification feature will check to make sure each link is working.

The Link Verification feature will detect any links that are broken and provide instructors the opportunity to replace them with corrected links.

Once a broken link has been replaced or corrected, instructors can run the check again to ensure the new link is working properly. 


To use the Link Verification feature, The System Administrator must turn on the feature in the Course Tools System Settings.

Qwickly clients without a Qwickly Course Tools license who are interested in utilizing the new Link Verification feature should contact their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a free trial of Qwickly Course Tools.

The Link Verification feature is the first of many new features coming to Qwickly Course Tools LTI. Join us at Qwickly Seminar 2021 on Thursday, May 27 for a more in-depth look at features coming to Qwickly Course Tools in 2021 and 2022! Register for the 5th-Annual Qwickly Seminar here