Expand the Scope of Digital Assignments with Qwickly Jot!

Expand the Scope of Digital Assignments with Qwickly Jot!

February 23, 2022

In late 2021, Qwickly launched a new LTI version of Qwickly Jot for Blackboard and Canvas users. This ground-breaking tool enables instructors to expand the scope of digital assignments and revolutionize the teaching and learning experience. Teachers have the capability to keep students engaged while learning in both a remote or classroom setting by digitizing the traditional paper assignment.

With Qwickly Jot, students write directly on the assignment using a touch screen & stylus or mouse/trackpad to submit their answers. There are an array of different templates available through Qwickly Jot for assignments, like maps and staff paper, at the instructors finger tips. Instructors can upload file types that are supported which include images (JPG or PNG) and PDF. There are multiple different writing tools available to students to write directly on the uploaded file within the LMS.

Some of the ways instructors and students can take advantage of Qwickly Jot include: 

  • Label parts of an image, like a map of the United States or the parts of the body.
  • Show their work for math or science assignments.
  • Match words or images.
  • Create a drawing based on a given prompt.
  • Create a line graph, pie chart, or bar graph. 
  • Shade parts of graphs, charts, maps, etc. 
  • Write a piece of music on staff paper.
  • Practice writing letters or drawing shapes.
  • Diagram a sentence.
  • Annotate a piece of writing. 

After a student submits their work, the assignment is compiled into a final image and embedded into the LMS. Future updates coming in 2022 include multiple page assignments. This gives instructors the ability to upload multiple pages a student can write on during one single assignment. 

Since the launch of Qwickly Jot, there have been multiple updates that have been made. Students are now able to view the number of attempts that the instructor has allotted to them. When a student submits an assignment and the instructor goes to grade it, they are able to leave comments on the assignment. The comments that are left on the assignment by the instructor automatically save into the LMS.

Qwickly Jot is available for purchase at the enterprise level so it does not need to be purchased at the administrative level like Qwickly’s other two product lines, Qwickly Attendance and Qwickly Course Tools. Qwickly Jot still needs to be set up at the administrative level but it makes it easier for specific instructors and departments to make the initial purchase. 

Interested in learning more about Qwickly Jot and how you can digitize the traditional paper assignment? Are you a STEM professor looking to learn how to create interactive digital assignments for your courses? Sign up and attend our “Create Interactive Digital Assignments for STEM Courses” webinar that will be held on April 7, 2022 at 2pm EST.