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Qwickly Announces New Attendance Mode Aimed at Online Courses

Qwickly Announces New Attendance Mode Aimed at Online Courses

April 14, 2020

Qwickly Attendance Pro continues to add new capabilities, making attendance recording and participation tracking a quick, easy process for schools using Blackboard Learn, Canvas and D2L Brightspace. By popular demand from clients, Qwickly has been working on a new attendance mode aimed specifically at streamlining the process of taking attendance for online and hybrid courses, while complementing other existing attendance tracking modes in the platform.

This new Online Activity Mode will launch on May 5, 2020 for Blackboard Learn and Canvas. Additionally, in order to aid schools that have had to shift to all courses online due to the COVID-19 crisis, Qwickly Attendance Pro will be free through August 1, 2020 to any Blackboard Learn or Canvas school who does not already have a license of Qwickly Attendance Pro. 

How it works



Attendance for online courses is often tracked by looking at the different academic activities a student has been asked to complete during a specific time period. For instance, say that during the week of March 3rd, an assignment, quiz, and discussion are assigned for a student to complete. A student may be counted as attending that week if they complete one or more of these items. However, the amount of work required by an instructor to look through all of these types of assignments is tedious, time-consuming, and still requires an entry point.

Online Activity Mode addresses these issues by allowing instructors to automatically derive attendance statuses for students based on academic activity within the learning management system course. When using Online Activity Mode, an instructor selects the relevant activities that students should have completed during a given period of time. Online Activity will then automatically check to see if students have completed the assigned activities and will record attendance, based on the completion of assignments (along with notes about the activity of the student), in the Qwickly Attendance record.


Online Activity Mode is part of Qwickly Attendance Pro, which currently integrates with Blackboard Learn, Canvas and D2L Brightspace via LTI/REST API. At launch, Online Activity will be compatible with Blackboard Learn and Canvas. Qwickly has plans to add D2L Brightspace compatibility by Summer 2020.

Existing Attendance Tracking Options

In addition to Online Activity Mode, Qwickly's attendance platform provides a number of other options for tracking student attendance and even grading participation in a class. There are a number of other modes that are already popular in hundreds of school deployments, such as modes for manually marking a student's attendance status by a traditional list or one-by-one view, a student Check-In Mode that allows students to check-in from the standard Learning Management System App or web browser, and an integrated Card Reader Mode that allows students to swipe, tap or scan their school ID cards.

Get Started During this Free Period

To take advantage of the free period of Online Activity Mode, please submit a support ticket with your school and learning management system and let us know that you are interested in utilizing Online Activity Mode during the free period.