Power-Up Attendance Monitoring with Qwickly Attendance Plus for Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L

Power-Up Attendance Monitoring with Qwickly Attendance Plus for Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L

May 27, 2021

Check out the newest Qwickly Attendance service level, Qwickly Attendance Plus!

Qwickly Attendance Plus is part of the Qwickly Attendance Product Family, which includes all service levels for attendance tracking, reporting, and recording: Qwickly Attendance Classic, Qwickly Attendance Plus, and Qwickly Attendance Pro

The Qwickly Attendance Plus service level includes all of the enhancements that power user clients were searching for while retaining the original low cost of Qwickly Attendance Classic. Now, Qwickly Attendance Plus serves as the middle-ground between Qwickly Attendance Classic and Qwickly Attendance Pro. Qwickly Attendance Plus is the perfect fit for institutions looking to experience advanced attendance tracking features. 

A brand new feature available with Qwickly Attendance Plus is the Qwickly Attendance Student App. The free app, designed for both Android and iOS systems, was built to meet client demands to create a stand-alone app. The app offers improved check-in reliability and efficiency in accessing check-in capabilities. 

The Qwickly app will also feature the new QR check-in mode, allowing students to scan a QR code to record their attendance. Instructors can use QR check-in mode in different ways, such as using small screens at multiple classroom entry points or using a projector for larger displays. The QR code used for check-in constantly refreshes, ensuring that students who are checking-in are actually present. Beta testing is occurring this summer, and Qwickly encourages anyone interested in beta testing to reach out to their Qwickly Sales Representative or contact us via our website. 

Qwickly Attendance Classic clients interested in upgrading to Qwickly Attendance Plus should contact their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a free pilot. Not a Qwickly client, but want to learn more about how you can power-up attendance tracking with Qwickly Attendance Plus? Watch this session from Qwickly Seminar 2021 or request a demo today!


Session Scheduling: 

Qwickly Attendance Plus will allow instructors to bulk create scheduled Attendance sessions by inputting their course schedule. 

To schedule an Attendance session, instructors input the start and end date for their courses, as well as the days of the week when they meet. Once an Attendance session has been scheduled, it will appear in the Attendance record and will be immediately available for an instructor to track attendance. 

The System Administrator also has the option to allow instructors the ability to delete scheduled Attendance sessions. The scheduled Attendance sessions can be deleted in bulk, excluding sessions where attendance has already been recorded. 

Location Context:

The new Location Context feature enables instructors to capture information about a student’s location while taking attendance and allows students to submit data about their location when they check-in to class.

Location Context can also be enabled for Check-In Mode. When an instructor starts a Check-In Session, students can mark themselves as “Remote Present” or “In-Person Present” for their Attendance Record. 

Online Activity Mode: 

Qwickly Attendance Plus’s Online Activity Mode aims to streamline the process of taking attendance for online and hybrid courses while complementing other existing attendance tracking modes in the platform. The new mode complies with federal aid guidelines surrounding what constitutes attendance in an online course. 

By having instructors select relevant activities that students should have completed during a given period of time, Online Activity Mode automatically derives attendance statuses for students based on their academic activity. 



While Qwickly Attendance Plus is already making its debut, new features for the service level are already in the works. These features include:

Seating Chart Mode: 

The Seating Chart Mode will augment existing check-in and manual modes, such as Online Activity Mode. The new mode provides the ability to define a seating chart and mark students present, absent, etc. 

Video Conferencing Integration:

Qwickly will be able to extract attendance data from video conference applications and implement attendance-tracking from those systems. 

Alert Enhancements:

Qwickly Attendance Plus will feature several enhancements for email alerts. For instance, one enhancement will allow emails to be sent to students only after they’ve reached a certain number of absences.

Another email enhancement provides the ability to send emails on any status, even custom statuses. Students will receive emails for custom-defined status participation. 

The final alert enhancement will BCC or CC instructors and teaching assistants in the course so that they are also receiving absence email alerts. 


After many requests, Qwickly wanted to provide students the ability to check-out of a course with a specific timestamp, similar to the check-in feature. The check-out feature is specifically designed for Check-In Mode. 

Time Reporting:

Time capability will soon be connected to course sessions. Time reporting will help define the length of a class, even while using manual modes. 

Custom Statuses for Check-In Mode:

Custom statuses for Check-In Mode will soon be available during the check-in process. The tracked check-in/check-out procedure for these statuses provides increased accuracy when analyzing attendance. 

Forgiven Absences without Grade Penalty: 

Instructors will have the ability to forgive a certain number of absences without a grade penalty. Qwickly has received many requests for students to be able to miss two or three classes without receiving an impact on their grades. 

Session Categorization:

The ability to categorize sessions, such as labeling them as lectures or labs, or required and non-required, will be available in the near future. 

Session Cancelling:

With the new ability to schedule sessions, Qwickly created session canceling. Session canceling will offer instructors a way to mark sessions as canceled and provide more detail as to why, for recording purposes.