Hack Paper Assignments with Qwickly Jot - Available Now for Blackboard and Canvas Users!

Hack Paper Assignments with Qwickly Jot - Available Now for Blackboard and Canvas Users!

May 27, 2021

Power-up digital assignments with Qwickly Jot! Allow students to write on diagrams, charts, maps, and more directly inside the Learning Management System using a touch screen tablet, computer, smartphone, or laptop. Keep students engaged while learning remotely, in hybrid environments, and in the classroom with help from Qwickly Jot! 

How Does it Work?
Upload an image file inside a course and create an assignment to block out scenes in a play, identify state capitals, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, or an endless array of other interactive options. Students write directly on the assignment using a touch screen & stylus or mouse/trackpad. Each individual student’s work is then compiled into a final image and embedded in the LMS with grading integration for easy instructor review.

Instructors upload their own images to use for the assignment. Qwickly Jot allows instructors to see a student’s work and grade directly within the assignment. Additionally, Qwickly Jot automatically writes back to the grade center and doesn’t require any additional software for use.  

Use Qwickly Jot LTI to create assignments where students can:

  • Label parts of an image, like a map of the United States or the parts of the body.
  • Show their work for math or science assignments.
  • Match words or images.
  • Create a drawing based on a given prompt.
  • Create a line graph, pie chart, or bar graph. 
  • Shade parts of graphs, charts, maps, etc. 
  • Write a piece of music on a music staff.
  • Practice writing letters or drawing shapes.
  • Diagram a sentence.
  • Annotate a piece of writing. 

Qwickly Jot is available now for Canvas and Blackboard users. Interested in learning more? Check out this session from Qwickly Seminar 2021request a demo, or contact your Qwickly Sales Representative today!