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Qwickly and Early Intervention: Increase Student Retention and Help Ensure Student Success with Qwickly Attendance Pro

Qwickly and Early Intervention: Increase Student Retention and Help Ensure Student Success with Qwickly Attendance Pro

October 14, 2020

With midterms quickly approaching, many schools are turning their attention to identifying at-risk students in order to implement early intervention strategies. Early intervention has been shown to increase student retention and ensure student success. Upgrade to Qwickly Attendance Pro to easily identify and report on at-risk students in need of early intervention.

Attendance is a major factor in identifying at-risk students. Students with lower rates of attendance tend to be at a higher risk of not succeeding at an institution. Qwickly Attendance Pro makes it easy to identify trends in student attendance, with features like consecutive absence reporting, last date of attendance reporting, and attendance trends data reporting. 


Qwickly Attendance Pro provides faculty and staff a number of reporting options. The Course Totals and Course Totals by Student features give users the ability to look up the records of specific students or to view students’ attendance records from an overall perspective, showing which students meet a specific attendance criteria, but only the classes in which they meet that criteria.

leftOnce at-risk students in need of early intervention have been identified, the Student Groups feature of Qwickly Attendance Pro makes it simple to continue to monitor students’ attendance and track the impact of early intervention strategies on student attendance. 

Qwickly Attendance Pro now allows users to create their own custom data feeds. Users can build a report from scratch by selecting from a list of attendance-related fields and setting specific date parameters. This data can then be fed into early-alert/student success software to identify at-risk students and the need for early intervention strategies. These same reports can then be run continuously throughout the semester to evaluate the effectiveness of the early intervention strategies that have been implemented.

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