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Simplify Your End-of-Semester Reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro

Simplify Your End-of-Semester Reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro

November 19, 2020

The end of the fall semester is almost here! For administrators, this can mean beginning the tedious task of compiling and analyzing data to evaluate student and course attendance in relation to grade outcomes, and the impact of early intervention strategies. The features of Qwickly Attendance Pro help streamline the end-of-semester reporting process, saving time and energy, and reducing frustration.

The Date-Based Data Feed feature allows users to export all course records for the entire semester. Users are also able to search for specific courses by name or course code to see course records or statistics without instructor intervention.

Qwickly Attendance Pro makes it easy for administrators to compile and view attendance data from a course perspective to look for course or instructor-based issues. Users can get a high-level overview of which courses have been taking attendance and how many sessions have been recorded using the Course Overview feature. 


Qwickly Attendance Pro also allows administrators to evaluate the connection between attendance and grade outcomes quickly and efficiently. Using the Course Totals feature, users can view aggregated information for each student in a course, including total number of absences, percentage of class attended, and last date attended. The Course Totals by Student feature gives administrators the ability to see how students are performing across multiple courses with aggregated information from each course in an easy to understand format.

The Student Groups feature allows instructors and administrators to view attendance data for specific groups of students, such as high risk, honors, financial aid recipients, athletes or any other group important to reporting needs. This feature helps simplify the process of evaluating the outcome or effectiveness of early-intervention strategies and streamlines end-of-semester financial aid reporting. 

Upgrade now to access all of the advanced reporting features of Qwickly Attendance Pro in time to assist with your institution’s end-of-semester reporting. Remember, if you are currently licensing Qwickly Attendance Classic, it’s not too late to upgrade for this semester’s reporting. Qwickly Attendance Pro uses data and records collected by Qwickly Attendance Classic, meaning once setup is complete, existing attendance records can be compiled in a number of customized reports, providing the ability to see real-time data from the current semester.

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