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During the COVID-19 advances, Qwickly remains committed to working with clients to provide excellent support and will act as fast as possible to address any questions or technical issues. Please note that in order to comply with the State of Ohio's regulations, Qwickly's workforce is now remote. For additional information, please see this news article.
Qwickly Course Tools for Canvas Gains Send Course Message Feature

Qwickly Course Tools for Canvas Gains Send Course Message Feature

October 21, 2020

Starting Wednesday, October 21st, Canvas clients using Qwickly Course Tools will have access to a new feature that will allow users to Send Course Messages within the LMS, as opposed to sending emails. This new feature, as requested by numerous Canvas clients, augments the existing communications tools in the Canvas tool set. 

The Send Course Message feature makes it easy for instructors to reach students, without having to worry about incorrect email addresses or spam filters, and provides a record of the communication directly in the LMS. Using the Send Course Messages feature as opposed to sending emails allows students to more conveniently access course communications and have the option to receive notifications in a variety of ways, including push notifications regarding course communications through the Canvas app. 

Qwickly clients who already license Qwickly Course Tools will have immediate access to the Send Course Message feature on 10/21/2020. LMS administrators will simply need to turn on this new feature for instructors to have access. It is recommended that clients who opt to use the Send Course Message feature should turn off the existing Send Email feature. Schools not already using Qwickly Course Tools who would like to learn more can schedule a demo or reach out to their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a free trial today.