Celebrating 8 Years of Productivity and Efficiency

Celebrating 8 Years of Productivity and Efficiency

April 17, 2021

April 17th, 2021 marks 8 years since Qwickly was established in 2013 by founders John DiGennaro and Matt Hadgis!

Since then, Qwickly has kept a steady drive to become a leader for innovation in institutional attendance tracking and reporting. Qwickly's products now include Qwickly Course Tools, Qwickly Attendance Classic, Qwickly Attendance Plus, Qwickly Attendance Pro, and Qwickly Jot - all of which have their own range of clients. 

Today, Qwickly is used by over 900 schools worldwide!

Our team has grown to include experts and professionals in the business, computer science, marketing, and graphic design fields. 

Qwickly appreciates the past efforts that have created the accomplishments of today, and has ambitious plans for the future!