Available Now: Verify Students Are Attending Classes with Enrollment Verification for Qwickly Attendance Pro

Available Now: Verify Students Are Attending Classes with Enrollment Verification for Qwickly Attendance Pro

July 6, 2021

Qwickly Attendance Pro now enables schools to capture a semester-based report verifying whether students are attending classes. 

Institutions often require verification that students are attending class regularly for various reasons, including determining eligibility for distributing financial aid. This process typically involves instructors completing documentation above and beyond daily attendance. With Enrollment Verification, instructor input is streamlined through the learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas or D2L Brightspace) and can be used in conjunction with other attendance recording tools provided by Qwickly. Instructors complete the Enrollment Verification form by selecting “Has Attended” or “Has Not Attended” for each student in a class. Instructors are also able to record comments relevant to each student’s verification status. 

Administrators can set parameters to define how many times a student must attend a course to meet requirements, which dates the reporting period will cover, and the date by which instructors must complete the verification form. Instructors will see a prompt to complete the Enrollment Verification form on their Qwickly Attendance screen during the reporting period selected. Instructors simply need to click the link and will be directed to a form where they will record if each student has been attending class.  

Administrators can easily report on the data submitted by instructors and can see the verification status of students and which courses have or have not submitted the Enrollment Verification.

Join us on July 20 at 2:00pm EST for the "Explore Enrollment Verification in Qwickly Attendance Pro" webinar to learn more and walk through this new process. Register now

Qwickly clients with a license of Qwickly Attendance Pro have immediate access to this feature starting June 1st, 2021 by enabling it in the System Admin Settings. 

Qwickly Attendance Classic and Qwickly Attendance Plus clients interested in utilizing the new Enrollment Verification feature should contact their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a pilot of Qwickly Attendance Pro. Not a Qwickly client, but want to learn more about how you can streamline attendance reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro? Request a demo today!