What's Coming to Qwickly Attendance in 2022

What's Coming to Qwickly Attendance in 2022

November 16, 2021

What can you expect from Qwickly Attendance in the next couple of months? Some of the new features that will be implemented in the upcoming months include, absence email enhancements, attendance record screen updates, and even the new mobile app!

The Qwickly Attendance Mobile App will be launching in 2022 for Qwickly Attendance Plus & Qwickly Attendance Pro licensees. The Qwickly Attendance mobile app will provide students with direct access to their attendance records by course. Courses with rapid check-in sessions running will appear on the app’s home screen enabling rapid check-in via PIN or QR Code. The app is required for QR Code check-in mode, letting students simply scan a QR code that constantly refreshes to check-in for the session.

Qwickly Attendance will continue to provide innovative functionality by building on existing features and implementing licensee requests in 2022. Some of these licensee requests that have recently been implemented include the ability to copy instructors on absence emails and to review the last date of student attendance on the instructor record screen. 

For current Qwickly Attendance Pro licensees, the first ever Cohort is wrapping up which means the Spring 2022 Onboarding Cohort is about to begin! The Qwickly Attendance Pro Onboarding Cohort features a series of 90 minutes sessions held each month via Zoom. The sessions will provide information on best practices, overviews of features included in the product, guidance on how to run reports, and the opportunity to learn from other schools who are using Qwickly Attendance Pro. Office hour calls will also be available to help answer any questions and provide support to participating in the Onboarding Cohort. 

If you are currently licensing Qwickly Attendance Pro, or would like to start a pilot license of the service level,  contact your sales representative in the next couple of weeks to register for the Spring 2022 Onboarding Cohort.  Learn more about enrollment verification, absence limits, and all of the enterprise reporting available with Qwickly Attendance Pro. The first cohort call for the Spring program will be held on January 13th at 2pm EST! 

To learn more about the new features being released in 2022, register for the Qwickly Attendance -The Definitive Attendance Solution for your LMS.