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Qwickly Announces Updates to Qwickly Attendance for the 2019-20 School Year

Qwickly Announces Updates to Qwickly Attendance for the 2019-20 School Year

June 4, 2019

During the opening address of Qwickly Seminar 2019, updates to Qwickly Attendance and Qwickly Attendance Pro, the most powerful attendance and participation tracking platform for Blackboard Learn, Canvas, and D2L Brightspace, were discussed.  Qwickly Attendance will be receiving a number of updates for the start of the 2019-20 school year, solidifying Qwickly's commitment to attendance and participation tracking.

Qwickly Attendance Updates

Official Support for D2L Brightspace

Following a partnership in late 2018 with D2L, Qwickly Attendance is now officially available for the D2L Brightspace learning management system, joining support for Blackboard Learn and Canvas. Clients considering a learning management system change can be confident that they can take their attendance tracking tool with them when choosing between the most popular systems on the market.

Student Viewable Comments

Instructors have been able to make comments on individual student attendance records for years. They can now opt to make these comments visible to students providing a great way to provide insights into particpation for the day or simply remind students why they were marked tardy or present.

Status icons for custom attendance statuses

In the past, any custom attendance status was represented in the attendance record by the first letter of the status (T for Tardy, for instance). Soon, instructors will be able to choose from a number of icons to represent custom statuses. A variety of icons such as clocks, faces, stars, a microphone, or a snowflake can be chosen to provide instructors helpful visual cues in the attendance record.

Status Summary View

The new Status Summary View provides instant access to a total count of the number of each distinct status types a student has. Instructors needing this information at the end of the semester will no longer need to count statuses up in the record screen or download a spreadsheet view to aggregate this information.

Record Import from Blackboard Building Block

There is now an attendance data migration option for Blackboard system administrators who will be migrating from the Building Block version to the LTI version of Qwickly Attendance in the next year. Exporting records from the Building Block version and importing the records into the LTI version should be done when the LTI version is first being set up and between semesters, whenever possible.

Automatic Card Reader Session Preview

Qwickly demoed a beta project being developed in conjunction with a private school near New York City that combines existing features like card reader mode and custom statuses into an automated attendance taking platform with the capability to schedule the start of these sessions. In addition, instructors or admins can define different thresholds of time before the student is no longer marked present and instead receive a different status. For instance, a student using their ID card to scan in might be marked present until 10am, but after that, the student would automatically be marked tardy. This feature will be available in the near future to all clients, but for now is being tested heavily in a closed beta.

Attendance Pro Updates

Qwickly Attendance Pro has been updated with additional features for the upcoming academic year as well. To create an even more efficient tracking and reporting experience, Qwickly will be launching the following features for Fall 2019:

Data Exports by Full Semester or Filtered by Codes

System administrators can now access data exports from the Attendance Pro home screen to download full semester data or data filtered by course codes. For schools wanting to pull these data feeds into another system, there is a permanent link generated for each semester output or filtered data feed.

New Student Summary Sidebar and Updated Course Summary Sidebar

In the first year of existence, Qwickly Attendance Pro introduced the concept of summary sidebars for courses.  This has allowed administrators to review statistics of an entire course when looking at individual student course performance to gauge how the student compares to classmates. Qwickly has updated the visuals of this sidebar and introduced a corresponding Student Summary Sidebar that shows an individual student summary compared to a specific course.

Report Headings for Additional Context

To provide a more useful reporting experience, Qwickly Attendance Pro will now show a report heading at the top of each report showing the parameters of the report that was run and which time-period the data being displayed is for.

Student and Course Profile Views

Coming later in 2019, new Student and Course Profile Views will be added to provide a more in depth look at individual student performance and course performance. In addtion to the existing statistics, new data points will be available and charts will show time-based attendance for individuals and courses.

Student Groupings

Colleges and Universities need to report on certain groups of students for a variety of reasons. They might need to see attendance trends of student athletes, they may need to ensure students who receive federal financial aid are attending their courses or they may want to see attendance trends for at-risk students. Qwickly Attendance Pro will allow adminstrators to create student groupings to more easily report out on the sets of students believed to be a priority.