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Qwickly Updates Cleveland Startup Scene at Flashstarts Demo Day 2019

Qwickly Updates Cleveland Startup Scene at Flashstarts Demo Day 2019

August 8, 2019

Qwickly CEO, John DiGennaro, provided a company update to a packed house at Startmart, located in downtown Cleveland, OH. DiGennaro spoke about the progress the company has made since participating in the Flashstart's 16 week program in the summer of 2014.  During the past 5 years, Qwickly has expanded from being in 200 schools to 800 schools, providing three new product lines during that same time, and expanding into two new partner Learning Management Systems.

Flashstarts focuses on startups in healthcare IT, enterprise SaaS, data and analytics, AR/VR, lot, and FinTech. They believe that often times the most profitable startup opportunities occur at the intersection of software and other, very different disciplines. They look for teams that combine domain expertise and passion with a deep understanding of agile development.

Flashstarts kicked off the portfolio in the summer of 2013. Over the past six years, they have created a vibrant startup ecosystem that allows for something they term “engineered serendipity:” sharing knowledge, meeting new people, and accessing critical resources.