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Qwickly Course Tools for Canvas Now Available

Qwickly Course Tools for Canvas Now Available

August 15, 2019

In 2013, Qwickly, Inc. launched a Blackboard Learn module called Qwickly which allowed instructors to communicate with members of multiple courses in a single action. They could send emails or post announcements to multiple courses without having to enter each course site.  Later the same year Qwickly Plus was launched, allowing the same kind of multi-course interactivity with content such as documents and assignments.  This single concept revolutionized the way instructors and instructional designers managed content and communication of mutiple courses in Blackboard Learn.

At Qwickly Seminar 2019, Qwickly announced a new product line called Qwickly Course Tools, the LTI evolution of these popular multi-course tools.  Today, Qwickly announced that Course Tools will be available for Canvas clients starting September 10, 2019.  This represents the first time that these popular course efficiency tools will be available for a system beyond Blackboard Learn.

With Qwickly Course Tools, instructors who teach multiple courses will have the ability to take a single action across multiple courses using a streamlined interface. Faculty can post content, create discussion board posts, email students, post announcements and more from Qwickly Course Tools.

Versions for Blackboard and D2L Brightspace will be available in early 2020.