Cut the Cake: Qwickly's Celebrating 800 Clients!

Cut the Cake: Qwickly's Celebrating 800 Clients!

October 5, 2019

Thanks to all of your support, Qwickly is thrilled to announce that we've reached an exciting milestone-- we now have 800 clients! To the Qwickly team, this means that our products and software have made a meaningful difference around the nation. 

Since we know the importance of a student's attendance, we want you to know we're here to help. Falling behind in school can mean that a student is missing important information, further affecting their learning development: that's why we've designed Qwickly's products to help ensure that all faculty are able to closely monitor which students are attending school. 

School administrators and faculty thrive with our programs' simplicity. Our client list ranges from K-12 schools, as well as major college universities! 

We look forward to welcoming new clients and continuing to grow our client base. Once again, thank you for helping us reach such a significant milestone!