Get your semester started with Qwickly Attendance and check out newly released features!

Get your semester started with Qwickly Attendance and check out newly released features!

January 5, 2023

Keep students enrolled and engaged with Qwickly Attendance! We are happy to announce new features that build upon already powerful attendance-taking modes. Join our upcoming webinar: "What's New in Qwickly Attendance" which will be held January 11th at 2pm ET and learn more about merging sessions and the new check-out feature within the check-in attendance-taking mode. 

Merge Sessions:

Have you ever taken attendance for multiple sessions that you would want to be counted as one session? With the new merging sessions feature you can do just that! One of the main reasons we have seen this feature be useful is in asynchronous learning where instructors may have some students working remote and others in the classroom. You might have multiple attendance sessions in one day or even on different days that you would want to combine. You can then merge all of those sessions into one, and if the student was marked present for just one of those days, they would be marked present for that merged session. 



Instructors now have the ability to run a check-in AND a check-out for attendance sessions. This is a feature that can be found within the Check-In Mode. Once Check-In mode has been selected and the instructor begins check-in for students, instructors will be able to go back into Check-In Mode where you will be able to change the drop down to “Check-Out.” After “Check-Out” has ended, instructors can see in the attendance records when the student both checks-in and checks-out.


QR Check-In Mode:

QR Check-In mode allows instructors to take attendance by projecting a QR code from their screen for students to scan. Students will need to download the Qwickly Attendance App onto their phones to be able to scan the code that is projected onto the board by the instructor. Once a student scans the code, they will receive a message on their device letting them know they have been checked into class.