Recap of Qwickly Symposium 2023

Recap of Qwickly Symposium 2023

June 14, 2023

Watch recorded sessions from Qwickly Symposium that cover these product updates now!

Why Do We Update Our Products?

We take client feedback into consideration with everything we do. Since the launch of Qwickly Attendance, Qwickly Course Tools, and Qwickly Jot, we have collected feedback from clients via support tickets, demos, trainings, pilots, and more to identify common pain points. These updates address a number of those pain points - both big and small. We also made a significant number of changes to improve accessibility. All updates have been carried out with the goal of making Qwickly Products more powerful and easier for instructors to use.

Attendance Taking with Qwickly Attendance Plus & Qwickly Attendance Pro

Added new Seating Chart Attenance-Taking Mode

We have officially added a new attendance-taking mode to our already extremely robust attendance solution,Qwickly Attendance. This new mode is currently available Qwickly Attendance Plus and Qwickly Attendance Pro licensees. This new feature allows instructors to create and manage seating charts and use those seating charts to take attendance. Learn more at

Made updates to the Qwickly Attendance Mobile App

We are excited to announce new updates being made to Qwickly Attendance Mobile App! In such a technology driven world, it’s extremely beneficial for instructors to give students the ability check-in to class using their mobile devices. Qwickly was built on the goal to make attendance taking more efficient and easier on instructors and what better way to accomplish this task than to allow students to check into class with a few clicks on their phone? Learn more at

New Student Interface for Qwickly Jot

Qwickly Jot, the tool that digitizes the traditional paper assignment, has had a major update made in the last couple of months just in time for Qwickly Symposium! Student interface for completing assignments has been changed. Learn more at

Location Confirmation

We are pleased to announce the release of new feature “location confirmation” which is now available for Qwickly Attedance Plus and Qwickly Attendance Pro licensees. This is a feature that confirms the student's device is at or near the location of the course, as defined by the Qwickly administrator.  We have had numerous requests for such a feature and are happy to announce it has been integrated into the Qwickly App.  Learn more about Location confirmation at

Introducing Course Management for Qwickly Course Tools

We are excited to announce the launch of Course Management.  This new engine within Course Tools is designed for instructional designers primarily, but can also be leveraged by faculty and Blackboard Learn system administrators. We decided to make this tool based on feedback given to us from multiple learning institutions that already were licensing Qwickly Course Tools for instructors. Learn more about Course Management at

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