Track if Students are Attending In-Person with Location Context

Track if Students are Attending In-Person with Location Context

February 10, 2021

Now more than ever, many universities have begun offering Hyflex course alternatives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This model of class delivery allows students to switch between attending in-person and attending remotely, which helps reduce the overall number of students on campus at any given time and provides a helpful alternative for students who are required to quarantine but still need to attend class. 

While they are a great alternative for fully in-person classes or fully remote classes, Hyflex classes can pose a challenge when it comes to taking attendance and completing contact tracing effectively. Students may often attend class in-person one day, and remotely the next, with little ability to predict who will be where on any given day. 

Location Context, available now for clients with a license of Qwickly Attendance Plus or Qwickly Attendance Pro, helps solve this dilemma by providing additional context about where a student attended class. This new feature enables instructors to capture information about a student's location while taking attendance and allows students to immediately submit data about their location when they check-in to class. 


When taking attendance manually, instructors will have the option to select In-person Present or Remote Present for each student in attendance.



Location Context can also be enabled for Check-In Mode. When an instructor starts a Check-In Session, students will have the option to choose between In-person Present, if they are attending in the physical classroom, or Remote Present, if they are attending class remotely in another location.


The present status an instructor or student selects, whether In-Person Present or Virtual Present, will then be recorded in the Qwickly Attendance Record and can be viewed from the "Attendance Record'' page. This information can then be easily fed into Qwickly’s Contact Tracing Report, which will automatically omit Virtual Presents, allowing administrators to get a better idea of which students were actually physically present in the classroom. 


The System Administrator can enable Location Context by going to > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance Settings. Note that when you turn on any system setting, especially mid-semester, that it is important to notify staff & instructors of the change before it is made in production environments.

Location Context can be enabled in two ways: 

  • Selecting Required makes the location context mandatory across all courses
  • Selecting Optional will give each course the ability to decide whether to use Location Context or not

Qwickly Attendance Classic clients who are interested in utilizing the new Location Context feature should contact their Qwickly Sales Representative to start a free pilot of Qwickly Attendance Plus or Qwickly Attendance Pro.

Visit: for more information on enabling the Location Context  feature.