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Free Multi-Course Tools for Faculty
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Enhance Blackboard with Qwickly's Multi-Course Tools

Imagine being able to send the same email to multiple Blackboard courses or post the same announcement to more than one Blackboard course. Qwickly's elegant, efficient solution allows posting announcements, sending email, and setting course availability in a single hub.

Qwickly has changed the way that instructors and students interact with multiple courses in Blackboard schools around the world. Find out all the ways your school can benefit from Qwickly.

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Course Availability App

Set Course Availability

The Course Availability app in Qwickly allows faculty to toggle course availability on or off in one location for all courses. The task of hunting down this setting inside the course is simplified, taking just seconds to make all courses available.

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Post Announcement App

Post Announcements

The Post Announcement app in Qwickly enables faculty to post the same announcement to any of the courses they are teaching. Not only is it faster to post multiple announcements with Qwickly, it's even faster to post a single announcement.

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Send Email App

Send Email

If faculty need to send an email to all members of their courses, the Send Email app in Qwickly allows them to do just that, right from the Blackboard homescreen. It's never been easier or faster to communicate with all your course members via email.

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