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Revolutionize the Digital Teaching Experience

Transform Attendance Taking and Reporting

Whether taking attendance in face-to-face & online courses, grading student participation, analyzing attendance trends for customized groups of students, or reviewing real time attendance data to remain proactive, Qwickly Attendance simplifies a wide range of institutional requirements.

Simplify Management of Multiple Courses

Simplify management of multiple courses while increasing user adoption of your learning management system with Qwickly Course Tools. Improve communication, streamline content, and simplify the repetitive tasks in each course an instructor teaches to keep the focus on teaching and learning!

Digitize the Traditional Paper Assignment

Expand the scope of digital assignments with diagrams, charts, maps, & more. Allow students to write on an array of interactive assignments in the Learning Management System directly. Cover a vast variety of subject matter like blocking out scenes in a play on a blank stage, diagramming the chemical bonds of a water molecule, and locating geographic features on a map.