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Card Reader


Online Activity

Manual Mode

The manual mode of Qwickly Attendance includes 4 sub-modes of attendance-taking. Instructors can take attendance by scrolling through a list of students with Full List Mode. One By One Mode allows instructors to click through students individually while reviewing photos to simulate the most traditional roll call version of attendance-taking. Accessibility Mode provides an interface that can be used with a keyboard exclusively. Participation Mode augments each of these sub-modes by using the Custom Course Statuses to create a point scale to track student participation and attendance simultaneously.

Card Reader Mode

Qwickly Attendance Classic includes a card reader mode, which allows instructors to take attendance for large courses with a swipe or tap of a student's ID card. This is done by using a USB card reader that is hooked up to one or more computers. Students will swipe or tap their existing ID cards to be counted as present. This mode is included with every license of Qwickly Attendance Classic. There is no requirement to use a specific card vendor in order to use this mode, instead there is a quick configuration process that should work with nearly any card vendor.

Card Reader Mode will work with a variety of hardware, including magnetic stripe card readers, RFID readers, barcode scanners, and QR code scanners. Review specific details on card reader configuration to get started with this popular attendance-taking mode.

Check-In Mode

Instructors can allow students to check in to class on their own devices. This mode allows instructors to skip manually taking attendance and gives students credit for being in class. For extra security, Qwickly Attendance Classic can automatically generate a 4-digit pin for students to enter to be marked as present in the class.

Online Activity Mode

Automatically derive attendance statuses based on academic activity with Qwickly Attendance Plus's Online Activity mode. Attendance for online courses is often tracked by looking at different academic activities a student has been asked to complete during a specific time period, such as an assignment, quiz, or discussion. A student may be counted as attending that week if they complete one or more of these items. The amount of work required by an instructor to look through all of these types of assignments is tedious, time-consuming, and still requires an entry point.

Online Activity Mode allows instructors to automatically derive attendance statuses for students based on academic activity within the learning management system course. Instructors select the relevant activities students should complete during a given period of time, then this mode automatically checks to see if students have completed the assigned activities and records attendance based on the completion of these assignments (along with notes about the activity of the student) in the Qwickly Attendance record.