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Product Overview of all Qwickly Products available for your school.




Attendance Pro


More tools, more power, more features.

Qwickly Plus increases the efficiency of communicating with members of multiple courses and organizations as well as simplifying tasks that need to be done repetitively in each course an instructor teaches.

Connect Blackboard Learn to Cloud Storage.

As institutions, and individuals alike, shift their content storage to cloud services, it has become more essential that faculty have a way to add content stored on those systems directly into Blackboard.

Track and grade student attendance.

Take the pain out of tracking and grading student attendance with Qwickly Attendance. This robust course tool enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in the Blackboard Grade Center.

*Please see our Qwickly Attendance Building Block End of Life Statement.

User-Friendly Attendance Reporting

Streamline data into reporting customized to meet campus needs with Qwickly Attendance Pro.

Assignments students can write on directly in Blackboard.

Create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. Provide students with an array of interactive assignments covering various subject matter: block out scenes in a play on a blank stage, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, and more.