Please check our FAQ and instructional videos before entering a support ticket.

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Q. I’m having issues with my courses.
A. Qwickly is not affiliated with your institution and therefore we cannot assist with issues affecting your courses. Please try contacting your institution's help desk.
Q. I just updated Qwickly and now I’m getting an error message.
A. Try saving your Qwickly settings and restarting your server.
Q. I have questions about Qwickly.
A. Try checking our help articles at Qwickly Zendesk.
Q. What has changed in the latest version of Qwickly?
A. Check our release notes for more information.
Q. Where can I find demonstrations of Qwickly products?
A. Visit our webinar page to watch some product videos.
Q. Our license has been renewed. Why do we continue to get a 'not licensed' message?
A. You may have forgotten to save your Qwickly Settings to refresh your license key on the server.