Protect your LMS & Learners from Malicious Files

Protect your LMS & Learners from Malicious Files

January 1, 2024

Qwickly Course Tools now offers the ability for increased security of file uploads along with the customization of files sources. Filestack Virus and Malware Detection offers a valuable layer of security that benefits both administrators and learners, creating a safer, more efficient, and ultimately more successful learning environment.

How does it work?

An administrator will need to provide one email address for receiving virus and malware notifications. Administrators can also fully customize File Picker settings by selecting which sources instructors can use when uploading or linking to files in Qwickly Course Tools, using the File Picker list.

Administrators can view File Alerts from the lefthand navigation menu. If there are any Malware File Alerts, they will be listed with the most recent dates at the top.

When it comes to file scanning, it starts as soon as the instructor selects like a vigilant guard checking every newcomer. It can take 2-3 minutes to scan but can take longer due to network traffic or file size.

What are the potential benefits of having these new features?

Contact Qwickly today and see how we can help you build a digital classroom that's as secure as it is inspiring. Remember, a safe learning environment is a happy and productive learning environment! Also be sure to check out our knowledge base article to see step by step how to enable Virus and Malware Detection as well as how to use File Picking 

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