Complete Platform Shutdown for Building Block version of Qwickly Attendance

In order to comply with the future of Blackboard's partnership guidelines, Qwickly has decided to focus exclusively on LTI versions of its products. In July 2020, Qwickly, Inc. officially ended support for the Building Block (B2) version of Qwickly Attendance and in July 2021 the platform was shut down. The LTI version of Qwickly Attendance is the only supported version. The B2 version of the tool will not be updated or supported in regards to bug fixes or compatibility updates for future versions of Blackboard Learn. While clients may opt to continue to use the Building Block version at their own risk, there will be no guarantee for further compatibility pending Blackboard's own updates. It is very likely at some point in the future the tool will no longer function so it is recommended that clients migrate to the LTI version as soon as possible (between semesters). Clients entering support tickets pertaining to the B2 version of Qwickly Attendance will be advised to migrate to the LTI Tool.

Please note, there is no additional cost to migrate from the B2 version of the tool to the LTI version of the tool.
If you are using the B2 version of the tool, the LTI version is available for your use at the same cost.

Please feel free to submit a support ticket and we can assist you in your migration.

If you need to confirm that your school is using the LTI version or the outdated B2 version, review this information. Note that it is possible to have both versions running simultaneously. If this is the case, please disable the B2 version between semesters.

Regarding Blackboard Learn Ultra

Building Block apps are only fully functional in the Original Experience of Blackboard Learn. If a Building Block is installed on a Blackboard Learn environment with the Ultra Experience enabled, the functionality of the integration will only be available in courses using the Original course view. Building Block functionality is not compatible with the Ultra experience of Learn including anywhere within the Ultra base navigation (outside of the course context) or within Ultra view courses.

Qwickly Attendance LTI Benefits

Qwickly Attendance LTI has all the same features as the B2 version of the tool, plus some additional features. All new features of Qwickly Attendance will be added exclusively to the LTI version.

Qwickly is able to diagnose most issues remotely, and bug fixes are applied directly to the LTI version of the tool so no more mid-semester B2 updates are required. Likewise, new features are automatically available without having to update the tool.

Considering an LMS review? Qwickly Attendance can be used with Blackboard Learn (Original and Ultra), Canvas, and D2L Brightspace. Any other Learning Management System that has LTI/REST API launches could also be supported in the future.

Just as before, we continue to encourage use of the LTI version in multiple LMS environments if you have staged or test environments you maintain.

Qwickly Attendance LTI provides advanced reporting options by way of Qwickly Attendance Pro, our institutional reporting engine for attendance data.

Migration Timeline

Qwickly announced this End-Of-Life for the B2 version of Qwickly Attendance on March 1, 2019 to provide clients plenty of time to migrate. As of January 1st, 2021, 99% of clients are using the LTI version of the tool.

Your school should migrate between semesters, and should NOT attempt a migration in the middle of a semester. We highly encourage any client still using the B2 version to migrate before the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. Additionally, it is highly recommended to begin testing before the transition, ideally on a test environment and do any data transferring prior to going live in production. Note that this testing can (and should) begin before the planned between-semester migration.

Transition Recommendations

Ensure you meet the minimum Blackboard version requirements of Version 3300.5.0.
Do not deactivate or delete the Qwickly building block until you have completely migrated; do not delete the building block if you are using Qwickly Jot or Qwickly's multi-course tools. See our guide on simply turning off the B2 version of Qwickly Attendance without deleting the building block.
Download a back up of any data from the B2 on your own system.
You may want to give the LTI version of Qwickly Attendance a distinct name during the transition to avoid confusion with the B2 version.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we can assist you in your migration.

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