The Qwickly Building Block is no longer supported as of September 1, 2022. Review these details for additional information.

Course Availability App


Download a copy of the Qwickly Building Block.

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Install the Building Block into your Blackboard system and configure options.

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Deploy Qwickly as a Module on your Blackboard homescreen or a Tool in the Blackboard Tool Panel.

Please contact us through a support ticket in order to download the newest version of the Qwickly Blackboard Building Block.

Note that this Building Block is now only available for schools with a current, full license of Qwickly Course Tools. Service shutdown for other users was September 1, 2022 and complete platform shutdown for licensed users is scheduled for June 1, 2023. These licensed users should switch to the LTI version well before this date.

Once you have installed the Building Block, you will be asked to enter your Qwickly ID. If your institution does not have a Qwickly ID already, you can generate one right on the activation screen. You only need ONE Qwickly ID for all instances of Blackboard your institution has. You can always find your Qwickly ID on the Support/Registration tab of Qwickly Settings within Blackboard.

We recommend installing Qwickly on a Staged/Testing version of Blackboard Learn™ before installing in a production environment.

Blackboard Building Block Installation Steps

Installation Guide

Follow the guide below to install Qwickly into your Blackboard instance.

  1. Enter a support ticket to request a download of the Qwickly Building Block.
  2. Upload the Blackboard Building Block™ into your instance of Blackboard Learn™ using the System Admin tab > Building Blocks > Installed Tools. Click the Upload Building Blocks button and choose the building block you downloaded from this site. Make the Building Block Available.
  3. Configure Qwickly: visit the System Admin tab, find the Tools and Utilities section and locate Qwickly Settings. Select the tools you want to include, adjust other settings, and click submit. You MUST configure the tool before using it. If you are upgrading the tool, you must still go in to Qwickly settings after installation and SAVE the settings, even if nothing has changed.

To Deploy as a Module:

  • Set Module Settings: Qwickly installs a module into Blackboard Learn™. Locate the module by going to Tabs and Modules > Modules and locate Qwickly.
  • Deploy the Qwickly Module as you would any other module on your Home tab (or any other tab you wish). We recommend deploying Qwickly in the top left position of your home tab.

To Deploy as a Tool in the Blackboard Tool Panel:

  • Add Qwickly to your Tool Panel: Qwickly installs a tool into Blackboard Learn™. Add the tool to the Tool Panel by going to Tabs and Modules > Tool Panel and click the Add Tool button. Give the Tool a Title and Select Qwickly from the tool select menu.

To Enable Qwickly Cloud Link Mashup Tool (Qwickly+ Only):

  • Visit System Admin Tab and select Tools under the Tools and Utilities section. Scroll down to Qwickly and make sure the Qwickly Cloud Link VTBE Mashup is turned on, and available as a Course Tool and Department Tool.

To Uninstall Qwickly Building Block:

Follow the guide below to UNINSTALL Qwickly into your Blackboard instance.

  1. Go to Blackboard System Admin Tab
  2. Click "Building Blocks" > "Installed Tools"
  3. Locate the Qwickly Building Block. Click the arrow next to the name of the building block and choose "Uninstall".
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