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Simplify Managing Multiple Courses and Organizations

Qwickly Plus increases the efficiency of communicating with members of multiple courses and organizations as well as simplifying tasks that need to be done repetitively in each course an instructor teaches. Qwickly Plus allows you to add documents, create assignments, post web links, send emails, post announcements and more to multiple blackboard courses and organizations in a single module.

Imagine if you could add a document, picture or web link to all courses you were teaching at once. With Qwickly+, that becomes a reality. Say you stumble across an article on the web that is relevant to all of your courses, instead of having to add the link individually to every course, you can now add that link to all of your courses at once. Have a document to add to multiple courses? That's just as easy. Qwickly plus takes away the pain of adding documents to your courses!

Not only can you add content to existing content areas in a course, you can actually create a new content area in a course as well. And when adding a piece of content to a course, Qwickly will determine whether or not the content area you are trying to add the item to exists and will automatically create the content area if it does not already exist.

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  1. Download the Qwickly Building Block
  2. Install the Qwickly Building Block
  3. Deploy the Qwickly Module
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Group Email

Send Group Email

Students can send email to members of groups they belong to within a Blackboard Course or Organization.

Organization Support

Organization Support

Apply any of Qwickly's tools to organizations using Qwickly+. This includes sending email, posting announcements and posting content.

Schedule Announcements

Schedule Announcements

Instructors can now create announcements that will not show up in their course until a specific time and date.

Role Based Emails

Role-Based Email

Qwickly+ allows instructors to choose to send email to Students, Instructors, TAs, or any combination of these roles..

Content Management

Post Documents

Post Documents

Add documents to multiple courses. Add to existing content areas or create new ones.

Add Web Links

Add Web Links

Post a web link to multiple courses.

Create Calendar Events

Create Calendar Events

Create both personal and course Blackboard Calendar events for multiple courses.

Create Assignments

Create Assignments

Instructors can deploy the same assignment across multiple courses with ease.

Submit Assignments

Submit Assignments

Submit Assignments

Students can submit assignments from the Qwickly module, without having to open the course.


How has Qwickly improved Blackboard at your school?

The streamlined workflows not only make us more efficient, the net effect has been greater adoption of the LMS.

Chris Daniele from MassBay Community College

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Pricing for Qwickly+ is based on the number of full-time faculty at your school. The tool below calculates the cost of a license of Qwickly+ per year. Schools with a Qwickly Attendance license can get Qwickly+ at a reduced cost.

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May 16, 2018

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For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty

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