Seating Chart Mode Added to Qwickly Attendance

Seating Chart Mode Added to Qwickly Attendance

June 14, 2023

Qwickly has added a new Seating Chart attendance-taking mode to Qwickly Attendance. This new mode is currently available Qwickly Attendance Plus and Qwickly Attendance Pro licensees. This feature allows instructors to create and manage seating charts and use those seating charts to take attendance. 

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About Seating Chart

Seating Chart is available in the Plus and Pro licensing levels. Seating charts must be enabled at the system administrator level and will be available for all instructors launching Qwickly Attendance, though a Seating Chart is not a requirement for taking attendance. Each course can create unique Seating Charts. By default, a Seating Chart template consists of ten rows and columns, for 100 available spots. The instructor can then select seating locations, and place students into those seats. In the future, we plan on releasing additional room and seat features.

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