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Session Recaps

Qwickly Seminar 2020 Opening

Qwickly Seminar 2020 pushed the boundaries of virtual collaboration with over 5 different expert presentations and various product updates. The Qwickly team shared new features on Qwickly Attendance, Qwickly Course Tools and Qwickly Jot for the 2020-21 school year. Make sure to watch the seminar session recap videos for everything the Qwickly universe is doing during the current crisis to successfully track attendance, simplify reporting, and streamline the LMS experience!

Qwickly Course Tools

Institutions can't stop talking about Qwickly Course Tools and its ability to reduce tedious tasks by sending emails, posting announcements and creating calendar events across multiple courses with one click. During this year's seminar Qwickly announced the future D2L Brightspace compatibility for Qwickly Course Tools as well as new Qwickly Course Tools features like student tools. It's time for your institution to experience the tool that's already saved over 30 years of time working eight hours a day for five days a week!

High Quality Online Education: Before, During & After the Crisis

Presented by:
Angela Wright-Nash, M.Ed., MBA, Online Education & Outreach Coordinator
Pinellas Technical College

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, online education has been a crucial part of high-quality courses. Angela Wright-Nash, Online Education and Outreach Coordinator from Pinellas Technical College, discusses the elements necessary for online courses to be considered "high-quality," such as the course's comprehensiveness, standards, and navigation. Beyond the pandemic, institutions and their instructors must be prepared to maintain the "new normal" with their enhanced skill set. "The first thing you need to have is a plan," Nash says.

Challenges in Electronic Course Delivery in 2020: Panel Discussion

Chris Daniele, Coordinator of Instructional Technology
MassBay Community College
LaMetrius Daniels, Director of Center for Innovative Instruction
Trevecca Nazarene University
Terry Patterson, Senior IT Systems Analyst
Austin Community College
Heidi Redmond, Manager of Canvas Support Services
Northern Virginia Community College

Four panelists from Trevecca Nazarene University, Northern Virginia Community College, MassBay Community College, and Austin Community College share information on how to successfully navigate online course delivery during the pandemic. Over the past few months, universities have struggled to create inclusive learning environments, assist students who don't have internet access, and adjust to a virtual learning atmosphere. Learn how these experts navigated through the wake of new challenges while staying up-to-date on the best practices for technology.

What's New with Qwickly Attendance Classic

In this year's seminar opening, Qwickly announced that Qwickly Attendance will now refer to the product family consisting of all products related to tracking and recording attendance and participation. The new name of the what was formerly referred to as Qwickly Attendance has been changed to Qwickly Attendance Classic. Qwickly Attendance Classic features customizable statuses, ID card reader support, automated absence email alerts, and automatic grading - among many other useful facets. Check out what Qwickly Attendance Classic can do for your institution today.

Introducing Qwickly Attendance Plus

Qwickly Attendance Plus meets the needs of schools who are ready to take attendance tracking to the next level. Now, Qwickly Attendance Plus features an Online Activity Mode making it simple to track online attendance - a revolutionary way to experience attendance tracking success during the current crisis. Learn more about the newest addition to the Qwickly Attendance Product Family.

Track Attendance for Online Courses

Tom Kemp, Executive Director, Online Learning and Academic Technology
Cuyahoga Community College
Deborah Spiro, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President, Distance Education
Nassau Community College

Deborah Spiro, Assistant Vice President of Distance Education at Nassau Community College, and Tom Kemp, Executive Director for Online Learning and Academic Technology at Cuyahoga Community College, come together in this informative session to explain how attendance for online courses is taken. With Qwickly's products, instructors saved time on the tedious task of tracking online attendance by being able to automatically derive attendance statuses for students based on academic activity within the learning management system. During the crisis, Qwickly's Online Activity Mode assisted many universities in effectively tracking thousands of students' online course attendance.

What's New in Qwickly Attendance Pro Reporting

Sure to be one of your institution's favorites, Qwickly Attendance Pro manages tailored student attendance reports. Institutions can easily track multiple student groups such as student athletes, students at risk, and students in Greek life. Learn more about features like consecutive absence reporting, attendance trends, and more. By licensing Qwickly Attendance Pro, your institution will receive all the features of Qwickly Attendance Classic and Qwickly Attendance Plus! Discover the benefits of customized attendance reports with Qwickly Attendance Pro's newest features.

K-12 Attendance Demonstration, Roadmap and Focus Group

Michael Zauderer, Director of Educational Operations
The Frisch School

Those who are interested in hearing more about how Qwickly has transformed the K-12 sector are encouraged to watch this K-12 Attendance Demonstration and Focus Group! Hear Michael Zauderer of The Frisch School, a private high school in New Jersey, speak about his experience working with Qwickly's products to efficiently perform daily check-in on more than 20 students per minute, per device, with the automated attendance card reader. Discover more about how Qwickly can easily be customized to your school's needs, further creating flexibility with attendance reporting options.

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