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Welcome & Company Updates

Start your Qwickly Seminar campaign with a brief overview of new features, new releases, and new product service levels. Hear from Co-Founders Matt Hadgis and John DiGennaro as they discuss partnerships, data security, Qwickly's COVID-19 response, opportunities for training and custom development, how to stay in touch, and more. Get ready to learn how your institution can level-up with Qwickly's products!

Hack Paper Assignments with Qwickly Jot

Official release of Qwickly Jot LTI! Now available for Blackboard and Canvas users. Learn how to power-up digital assignments by allowing students to write on diagrams, charts, maps, and more directly inside the LMS. Get an overview of Qwickly Jot, review use cases, see a demo of the product, and learn more about planned enhancements and licensing.

The Best Expansion Pack for your LMS: Qwickly Course Tools

Hack the LMS game with Qwickly Course Tools! Post announcements, distribute content, and create discussion topics for multiple courses simultaneously in a single hub, saving instructor time and frustration. Explore new features like the Link Verification utility, Send Course Message Feature for Canvas, Theme Builder, and Language Localization. Review the roadmap for the coming year, walkthrough the Building Block End of Life, and learn more about the launch of Qwickly Course Tools for D2L Brightspace.

Power-Up Attendance Monitoring with Qwickly Attendance Classic and Plus

Game over for attendance tracking difficulties. See the new re-design of our integrated attendance and participation tracking platform, Qwickly Attendance Classic, and learn how you can advance to the next level of attendance tracking with Qwickly Attendance Plus, the new Attendance service level launching at Qwickly Seminar. Qwickly Attendance Plus features advanced attendance tracking options and serves as a low-cost middle-ground option between Qwickly Attendance Classic and Qwickly Attendance Pro. Check-out features like Session Scheduling, Location Context, and Online Activity Mode, get a preview of the Qwickly Attendance App, and learn about features coming soon to Qwickly Attendance Plus!

Panel Discussion: Max-Out Student Enrollment and Retention

Justin Carrell, Director of Academic Technology
Tarleton University
Dr. Debra Jackson, Program Support Specialist
Technical System of Georgia
Dr. Kasey Ray, Assistant Professor of Sociology
and Justice Studies
Kent State University
Holly Rowsey, Director of Center for Instructional Innovation and Distance Learning
Freed-Hardeman University

Hear from four panelists who have a variety of experience in the education sector as they discuss their personal experiences with how technology has helped their institutions with enrollment and retention management. Increase your XP with these real-world examples and practical advice from experts in the field. Learn about specific challenges that their institutions have faced, how technology has assisted or hindered in increasing enrollment and retention, and the differences they have experienced in a variety of populations in relation to technology.

Next Level Enterprise Attendance Reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro

Streamlined attendance reporting tailored to your institution's needs. Max-out the attendance reporting capabilities of your institution with new features like Contact Tracing, Data Feeds, and more! Learn more about how reporting capabilities and recent enhancements like Student Groups, Searching for Students, Attending Trends, Student Drop Indicator, Hide/Show Inactive Students, and Location Context can help drill into attendance data and generate customized reports. Plus, demo the new Enrollment Verification feature which assists in confirming student attendance over a given period of time.

Unlock the Roadmap for the Next World

Wrap up your Qwickly Seminar campaign. You've beat the final boss, increased your Qwickly XP, and finished the quest! Continue your campaign for increased productivity and efficiency at next year's Qwickly Seminar. See you there!

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